105 N. Front Street  |  Cotulla, Texas 78014, USA

Old Fire Station

Existing September 5, 2007


Actual State of the Old Fire Station after renovations.


Old Fire Station before renovations.


In the existing view of the building shown above we can see how the building was clearly used as a garage facility, in this case for fire trucks. The masonry is still intact and the building shell appears to be fully contained. A quick look in the doorway revealed a roof badly in need of repair. There are many aspects of the building which detract, such as the stained brickwork, the empty painted rectangle that formerly held a sign, the unkempt condition of the drive out front, and the overgrowth along the alley. Many other problems could not be revealed after such a cursory examination. Further investigation of issues related to life safety and other code matters should take precedence over the visual suggestions offered in this report!

Visual considerations:

  • Walls need to be repaired and cleaned
  • Overhead doors should be replaced with glass walls (for future office use)
  • Alley needs to be cleaned and repaved -New signage needs to be incorporated
  • New entry door
  • Accommodate accessibility issues